Voice Related Quality of Life (V-RQOL) Questionnaire

Voice Quality IssuesDoes your voice seem to affect your daily activities? Cause you to not be heard or be able to convey your thoughts at your job or at home? Has your voice changed following a recent illness, surgery, trauma, or performance? While many voice changes resolve spontaneously or in a matter of days, some changes require more attention and are best treated earlier to avoid lasting damage. If your voice is not meeting your needs, please take the following the survey to better evaluate the situation. If you are experiencing concerns with your voice, please submit the survey, and we would be happy to review the results and assess your concerns further in a consultation.

Use the following rating scale for your answers below with regard to amount of your problem.

1 – None, not a problem
2 – A small amount
3 – A moderate (medium) problem
4 – A lot
5 – Problem is “as bad as it can be”